When Shiva’s Third Eye Opened Incident 2: Birth of Andhaka
When Shiva’s Third Eye Opened Incident 2: Birth of Andhaka

As portion of love games, Goddess Parvathi shut Great Lord’s eyes from the back and the entire universe became dark. Then Lord Shiva opened His third eye and it gave birth to flames and Birth of Andhaka takes place.

This tale is referenced in Shiva Maha Purana’s Rudra Samhita, Yuddha Khanda.

स एकदा मन्दरनामधेयं गतो नगं तद्वरसुप्रभावात्।
तत्रापि नानागणवीरमुख्यैः शिवासमेतो विजहार भूरि।।

Once he went to the mountain of Mandara to witness his excellent beauty, where he also spent with Pārvatī and other ganas.

पूर्वे दिशो मन्दरशैलसंस्था कपर्द्दिनश्चण्डपराक्रमस्य।
चक्रे ततो नेत्रनिमीलनं तु सा पार्वती नर्मयुतं सलीलम्।।

Parvati playfully shut both Shiva’s eyes in the western area of the Mandaracala hill.

कराम्बुजाभ्यां निमिमील नेत्रे।
हरस्य नेत्रेषु निमीलितेषु क्षणेन जातः सुमहान्धकारः॥

Parvati closed Shiva’s eyes, her lotus having the coral luster and the golden lotus as hands. At the close of Shiva’s eyes, immense darkness spread all over the place.

तत्स्पर्शयोगाच महेश्वरस्य करौ च तस्याः स्खलितं मदाम्भः।
शम्भोर्ललाटे क्षणवहितसो विनिर्गतो भूरि जलस्य बिन्दुः॥

With Lord Shiva’s touch of eyes with Parvati’s hands, the rapturous rutting juice emerged from her hands, which became hot with the fire of her eyes on her forehead and flowed out in abundant drops.

गर्भी बभूवाथ करालवक्त्रो भयङ्करः क्रोधपरः कृतघ्नः।
अन्धो विरूपी जटिलश्व कृष्णो नरेतरो वैकृतिकः सुरोमा।।

From it, a kid appeared. Full of anger, with a terrible face, ungrateful, blind, bent, black in color, with a shape distinct from a human, deformed and with many illnesses.

This tale may have occurred in one of the past Kalpas, likely during Sveta Kalpa as Shiva Purana primarily mentions Sveta Kalpa’s narratives.

Andhaka was raised in this Kalpa from Diti as stated in Mahabhartha’s Harivamsa Parva.


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