When Shiva’s Third Eye Opened Birth of Jalandhara
When Shiva’s Third Eye Opened Birth of Jalandhara

When Shiva’s Third Eye Opened Birth of Jalandhara

When Indra and Brihaspathi came to Kailasa, Lord Shiva came naked and faced them as part of Leela. Indra, a haughty guy, fought with a naked person and threatened with Vajra to destroy him.

Shiva, angry with the conduct of Indra, closed his third eye. Brihaspathi recognized Him as Lord Shiva just before opening the third eye and commanded Him.

This event is portrayed by Shiva Maha Purana’s Rudra Samhita, Yuddha Khanda.

दृष्ट्रा बृहस्पतिस्तूर्णं प्रज्वलन्तं स्वतेजसा।
पुरुषं तं धिया ज्ञात्वा प्रणनाम हरं प्रभुम्।।

Then Brihaspati, who provided his salutation to him, recognized the bare ascetic who was none other than Shiva himself, carrying the matted hair locks over his head and illuminated with his own splendor.

कृताञ्जलिपुटो भूत्वा ततो गुरुरुदारधीः।
नत्वा च दण्डवटूमौ प्रभु स्तोतुं प्रचक्रमे।

The highly wise Brihaspati, while prostrating before him, provided him his greeting. Then he began to pray.

Then Shiva forgiving, directing flames into the ocean, and Birth of Jalandhara takes place.

अथो शिवस्य तत्तेजो भारनेत्रसमुद्भवम्।
क्षिसं च लवणाम्भोधी सद्यो बालत्वमाप ह।

When thrown into the oceanic water, the flame arising from Shiva’s third eye took the shape of an infant.

तत्र वै सिन्धुगङ्गायां सागरस्य च सङ्गमे।
रुरोदोच्चैः स वै बालः सर्वलोकभयङ्कर:॥

The awesome kid began weeping aloud at the confluence of the Ganga and the ocean.


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