Lord Shiva Divinity

Like most mollusk species, the marine snails even have a protecting shell masking, referred to as the “conch shell”. Did you ever discover that even India’s map is designed within the form of a conch shell? Additionally, conch shells are revered and used for divine functions in India!

Within the lengthy and luminous religious custom of India, the position of conch shells is extremely vital, however that is hardly revealed to the outer world. These are a divine reward and a treasure to mankind, which protect the bhakti bhava (a prayerful angle) of mankind. They’re additionally recognized to advertise, protect your fact and integrity. Subsequently, these shells are used extremely over centuries, to acquire secretive materials and religious blessings. This can be a intently guarded religious secret recognized solely to the discerning few.

Why conch shells?

The religious science behind this particular abishekam is that, all of the sacred sounds together with the best mantra, ‘Om’, the sound that reverberated and helped creating this complete universe, is current within the Conch Shell! They’re utilized in pious locations like temples and altars to make sure purity, divinity and prosperity of that individual place.

Vedas state that the “Banker in Heaven”; Lord Kubera himself, lives within the Conch Shell together with Goddess Mahalakshmi. You’ll be amazed to know that worshiping the conch shell which is threaded on its proper hand aspect; “the valam puri sanku”, blesses you with materials comforts!

The traditional Siddhas have acknowledged that conch shells are an essence of divinity. Simply as we use lamps to worship, the underwater beings carry out prayers throughout this ritual! The celestial beings which are related to the conch shells assist mild lamps underneath the water, for the advantage of sea beings. Although to our mind, it’d look absurd, it’s true as per the Siddhas.

Pradosham and Conch Shells:

Dattatreya Siva Baba introduces to you, a particular type of Lord Shiva, referred to as ‘Shanka Taranyar’. This type of Lord Shiva helps take away destructive vibrations, ensures longevity of companions, and removes any obstacles in each materials and religious endeavors. The conch shell abishekam ritual to this type of Lord Shiva throughout Pradoshams is taken into account particular.

The Pradosham falling on Aug third (Monday) is named Soma Pradosham. The Pradoshams falling on Monday and Saturday are thought-about an extremely useful time interval, to take away cussed Karmas. When the pooja and abishekam to Lord Shiva and Nandi is carried out with 108 Conch Shells, it gives miraculous advantages!


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