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When Shiva sported with Parvathi Incident 3

Incident 3: When Shiva sported with Parvathi
Incident 3: When Shiva sported with Parvathi

When Shiva sported with Parvathi. This is analogous to the above tale, but Andhaka was not born, and this might have occurred in Sweta Varaha Kalpa, Present Kalpa, as stated in Mahabharata.

Beautiful Uma, with smiling lips and eager to play a jest, covered with her two beautiful hands, the eyes of Mahadeva. As soon as Mahadeva’s eyes were covered, all regions became dark and life seemed to be extinct all over the universe. The rites of the Homa ceased. Suddenly, the universe was also deprived of the sacred Vashat. All living creatures have become cheerless.

A powerful and blazing fire flame emanated from the forehead of Mahadeva. A third eye, reminiscent of another sun, emerged (on it). That eye started to bleed like a Yuga fire and started to eat that mountain. The big-eyed girl of Himavat, looking at what had happened, bent her head to Mahadeva, endued with the third eye that resembled a burning flame.

She was standing there with her lord’s eyes fixed. When the mountain woods burned with their Was and other straight Trunks trees on each hand, and their delightful sandals and various excellent medicinal herbs, herds of deer and other livestock, filled with fear, went to the location where Hara stood with great velocity and requested security. With those animals nearly completing it, a kind of strange beauty shone forth in the retreat of the good deity.

In the meantime, that fire, swelling wildly, soared to the very heavens and saturated with the splendor and unstable lightning and looked like a dozen suns in power and effulgence, covering every side like the all-destructive Yuga-fire. The Himavat mountains, with their minerals and peaks and burning herbs, were eaten in time.

The girl of that prince of the hills, beholding Himavat broken and eaten, requested security from the holy deity and stood before him in reverence with her fingers.



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